Surprise Blowjobs

Welcome back my sweet Chargies! Ever want to surprise your significant other with a good ole toot on the flesh flute? Of course you have. Let me tell you how I surprised my bf with a little twist. 😉 Be sure to subscribe to my channel! I put out new videos every...
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Lets talk about sex pt1: threesomes

Hello sweet loves! Welcome to my latest series "Let's talk about sex" in this episode I talk about what I've found makes a successful threesome. Would you all like to see a follow up video with stories and personal experiences? Let me know in the comments below! Love...
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Stream of Consciousness

For those of you who don't follow the "myult1mate" Snapchat, here's what you're missing out on! Welcome to a full day of unadulterated Alexa thoughts.
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Hot Pocket Porn

Hello my beautiful chargies! This is my first ever vlog... Most version 1.0's are pretty terrible, and my laggy audio, weird quality, and random cuts are certainly a testament to that but (hopefully) I'll get better at this whole video editing thing... Love you all so...
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I Get These Questions A Lot 🙂

How Old Are You?
28! My birthday is on Halloween and it is my favorite holiday.
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Do You Have a Kik?
Yep! But I normally only use it for customers. You’re more than welcome to become one at any time, message me! If not, please continue to enjoy all my posts on reddit 😀
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I selfishly keep my gaming to myself for now. Ironic right? I’ll share my naked self with all you Chargies but I keep my gaming private?